Catalyst 2011 Backstage: Live Stream

Catalyst11 backstage 560x464 Catalyst 2011 Backstage: Live StreamToday we did a soft launch of tomorrow is the “big” day… I usually would not blog about something like this but I’m pretty proud of the other half of the project. The platform we built this on is a new theme we (8Bit) have been working on for the past month or so. It’s a pimped out WordPress theme targeted towards live event streaming. We cooked in a lot of great goodies, like a jquery feed twitter stream, facebook integrationd, “bumper slider” that converts over to your livestream embed code when the countdown timer is complete.

Honestly the thing I love the most about this theme is being able to switch out a few graphics from the admin panel and having your own custom live streaming experience!

The theme won’t be available for a couple more weeks… I’ll make sure to post an update as it comes along!

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  1. Andy Darnell says:

    I enjoyed watching today and am looking forward to locking my office door tomorrow and participating. What a great theme and implementation that you guys pulled off. Good job!

  2. Kyle Troop says:

    That is really good looking stuff man!

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