Brother Moto branding

Been working on a personal project finally after stewing in my head for the past year. Personal projects are always the hardest for me… That’s why I plan on just putting out anything I create and will refine as we go.

Branding the 44 Presidents

Detroit, Michigan designer Meg Jannott took on a personal project of branding the 44 Presidents of the great U.S.A. Working her way from George Washington.  Make sure to check out even more on her tumblr.

Designer Spotlight – End Of Work

A great example of  branding going throughout a whole companies being. Sydney based firm End Of Work  did an amazing job with branding and creating an appealing interior for Bib & Tucker. Here is what they had to say: Bib & Tucker is a restaurant and bar on Leighton Beach in Fremantle, Western Australian and […]

Hal Asko – 97 year old Pixel Painter

I Was very inspired by the story of Hal Asko. In fact I almost got chocked up in the likeness he had to my grandfather that past away last year. This generation of men where true crafstmen. In the video Hal “Grandpa” says if it takes me two years to finish this area… then it […]

Designer Spotlight: Bruno Miranda

Bruno is a crazy talented urban artist/illustrator. Bringing together so wacky colors and concepts ( heads being split in half with their skull coming through). I really like his styling and ability to be consistent throughout a piece. Check out more of his work.

Steve Jobs and his motorcycle

Steve Jobs revolutionized the computer and tech industry. When I was reading his biography last year I gained more even more respect for him when reading about him rolling in his 1966 BMW r60/2 to show his colleagues and inspire them to build a computer with the aesthetic and ingenuity of a BMW motorcycle, keeping […]