Humpday Design No No: The Dropshadow, and why it looks like crap.

People, this is the year 2010 (almost 2011) why are you still using the default setting for your dropshadows.. better question why are using dropshadows? Just because you use a dropshadow does not mean it’s a better design, orĀ  it make your image/picture “POP” more. Design is just as much about taking away as it […]

Humpday Design no no: Urban Outfitters

I was talking to my Friend Alex (@Deviros) and he brought up the new Urban Outfitters website design… and How I need to do a “design no no” series on things like this. soooooooo Lets give this a shot. First off… why are there floating 90’s shapes all over the place. the width of the […]