108 Years of Herman Miller Designs

I think every designer has looked at Herman Miller for inspiration. Their well thought out timeless design’s always standout in the office or home. We own a few Mira 2 chairs and love em. This video goes through their 108 years of beautiful design in only 108 seconds ( I’m no mathematician but thats a year […]

Vintage Matchbook covers made in Sweden

I’m proud of my Swedish heritage and always looking for good vintage design. I was super excited to come across this flickr gallery of thousands of vintage matchbook cases mostly designed in Sweden. Beautifully simple. Check out some of my favorite below.

Less Made update

I have been freelancing for over 8 years and never had a “proper” company website. in fact my first DBA “The Pure Design” still has a “coming soon” site up. It’s kinda like the mechanic’s car is never running. I designed the update to Lessmade.com a few months ago and sat on it.. I actually […]

Studio Spotlight: Daisylegs

  Came across Daisylegs website the other day and was intrigued by their design sense and mural work. they describe themselves as: A hands on multidisciplinary design studio based in Melbourne, Australia specialising in event design and branding, illustration and custom wall graphics. Very cool work Daisylegs ( I would love to know what the name means…)

No Cure Magazine

Was honored to be asked to be in the first issue of Australian based magazine No Cure. I got to highlight a few well designed products I enjoy and tell a little bit about myself. Support an awesome design related print mag by ordering the first issue here. I can’t wait to get my copy in the […]

Things come apart – Todd Mclellan

Really cool project by Todd Mclellan. Made me think of my childhood in my dad’s garage taking everything and anything apart to see how it works. Things Come Apart is an expansion of the original Disassembly Series. This new set of images explores retro to modern daily items that have, are, or will be in our everyday […]

Designer spotlight Nathan Yoder

Twenty Three year old Oklahoma native Nathan Yoder has a clear passion for hand crafted typography and illustrations. Taking on a fimilar feel to designers like Dan Cassaro/young jerks Nathan puts his own flare into each experience. I’m currently using one of his free desktops as my background and love it