The Herman Miller Envelop Desk

Love the new Herman Miller Desk designed by Bill Stumpf and Jeff Weber (designer of the Embody Chair). Unlike the usual flat surfaced desk the Envelope Desk has a contoured surface that actually comes to you.. adjusting as needed throughout your work day. I think the only thing that could make it better is if you could adjust […]

#fatkid Project/Duh Series

Cool project by monkey man, drawing a new character each day and posting it on his tumblr. check out more at fatKid has a posse

Postbox 2.5 New look

Been Using Postboxd for the past year or so. I just updated to the 2.5 beta and I must say they made HUGE improvements to the interface. finally an email app that does a decent vertical view! loving it so far.. still looking forward to seeing what the new Lion Mail app will be like […]

AOLs New Office

Wonder if they paid for this by recycling all those “100 minutes free” cd’s. Aol has been trying hard to shake the “grandma’s” internet company.. even though this office is amazingly sexy.. I still shutter when I hear their name.. Check out more