lighting through the ceiling

Really cool lighting by industrial designer Liely Faulkner. I hate traditional flurecent lighting but these would be awesome in a office.

force per unit area – Sketch blog of Adam R Garcia

I love seeing the process of a designer, I ran across Adam’s Sketch blog on tumblr the other day. It’s great to see how he visually whips up a few ideas, snaps a picture and uploads it to tumblr. no bells and whistles just capture the idea and move on. You can also check out […]

WordCamp Atlanta 2013

Had a wonderful time talking at WordCamp Atlanta this year. Sharing some resources to fellow designers that I have gathered over the years. You can download a pdf of my slides or make the jump to view all the resources.

Kodak re-brand concept

California based designer Emily Shaw did a killer job for her 4th year design course rebranding the timeless photography company Kodak. Her idea to focus back on the pro’s instead of the masses gave Kodak a fresh, clean, super minimal clarity to their identity. I would take Kodak more seriously if they looked something like this. View […]

Windows of New York project

Personal design project by New York designer José Guízar. Windows Of New York is a design exercise whith his obsession of the different window architecture he spots while walking the streets of NYC. I love the simplicity in colors he uses with a subtle depth in the illustrations. Follow the project here