Min, a free simple typographic NetNewsWire theme

I’m a pretty big fan of the free RSS app NetNewsWire. I decided to dive into their template structure and see how easy it was to make one and came out with min. If you use NetNewsWire or your looking for a good RSS reader make sure to check it out.. and make sure to […]

Another day In the life of me, Shot and edited on my iPhone 4

My wife Got me an iPhone 4 for my birthday.. I’m loving the upgrade from my crapped out 3G. I thought I would take a few seconds of clips throughout the day and try out the new iMovie iPhone app. I was surprised with the speed, and ease of editing. plus the quality turned out […]

Free WordPress Child Theme: Standard Simple

Had some time over the weekend and a quick burst of inspiration..  So I created a WordPress Child theme for the Standard Theme’s Monthly Free theme!   Just like the name explains its… simple, But I took a little extra time on the navigation, and pagination, throwing a little awesomesauce into the mix. So if you […]

Left 4k dead

I’m a huge zombie game fan.. came across this 4k version of Left 4 dead created by Markus Persson.. pretty fun if you can get use to the controls. Check it out over yonder

My mouse worked overtime

Found this cool Mouthpath script you can start and it tracks your lil’ guy while you work.. crazy to see all the movements you actually make.. this is over an hour or so when I was finishing up a project.. pretty intense! you can find out more about it and download a mac or pc […]