Looptaggr Drive by Graffiti

Pretty cool project by Looptaggrs Ariel Schlesinger & Aram Bartholl. Drive by stencils now as easy as spitting your gum out your car window Grab your can and hit up a wall today

Calligraffiti: Niels Meulman Throws up

Sick project by Niels Meulman, combining graffiti and calligraphy to make huge typographical pieces of art. Would love to see him do it on a brick wall. found over yonder.

Dead drops: Open file sharing in NYC

Aram Bartholl Installed 5 USB flash drives in different public parts of New York City. Anyone is welcome to drop of files to share with one another.. wonder how long before someone uploads a virus? see more photos over here.

Broken Skateboard decks = marketing art

Ultra Skate Store got designer Beto Janz to create skulls out of busted up decks to promote a new spot they where opening. Each skullboard (see what I did there..) had a sticker with the new address and info put on it. Pretty cool way to get the attention of the kind of kids that […]

Alexandre Farto Wall Art

Move over Banksy.. Finally a street artist that tries something new. Alexandre Farto ( AKA Vhils ) is destroying. Check out more

KFKS Zakka Shop Live painting

Anastasia aka kaerfkrahs (KFKS) is a New York Based Illustrator. Her most recent personal install (Dumbo) at ZAKKA is more then impressive. It’s like an explosion of contrast.