Looptaggr Drive by Graffiti

Pretty cool project by Looptaggrs Ariel Schlesinger & Aram Bartholl. Drive by stencils now as easy as spitting your gum out your car window Grab your can and hit up a wall today

Humpday Design No No: The Dropshadow, and why it looks like crap.

People, this is the year 2010 (almost 2011) why are you still using the default setting for your dropshadows.. better question why are using dropshadows? Just because you use a dropshadow does not mean it’s a better design, or  it make your image/picture “POP” more. Design is just as much about taking away as it […]

Dead drops: Open file sharing in NYC

Aram Bartholl Installed 5 USB flash drives in different public parts of New York City. Anyone is welcome to drop of files to share with one another.. wonder how long before someone uploads a virus? see more photos over here.

Negativity is the new postive

Thinking today… there are a lot of negative folks in the world. I hate hate hate hearing how “bad my life is”. “Oh really? your day is sucking because your car is in the shop… Oh yes your car… the one out of the three you own? man… I feel bad for you.” Don’t forget […]

Daddys lunchbox: Stanley Lunch Box Cooler Set

Growing up I was always inspired by my father. He was/is the coolest old guy I know. There are five kids in my family (I’m the middle) and he worked as a “wallpaper specialist” (i.e. wallpaper hanger). Honestly he was the man at it. perfect precision, patterns always match, and cuts where straight.  I always […]