Hal Asko – 97 year old Pixel Painter

I Was very inspired by the story of Hal Asko. In fact I almost got chocked up in the likeness he had to my grandfather that past away last year. This generation of men where true crafstmen. In the video Hal “Grandpa” says if it takes me two years to finish this area… then it […]

Studio Spotlight: Daisylegs

  Came across Daisylegs website the other day and was intrigued by their design sense and mural work. they describe themselves as: A hands on multidisciplinary design studio based in Melbourne, Australia specialising in event design and branding, illustration and custom wall graphics. Very cool work Daisylegs ( I would love to know what the name means…)

Things come apart – Todd Mclellan

Really cool project by Todd Mclellan. Made me think of my childhood in my dad’s garage taking everything and anything apart to see how it works. Things Come Apart is an expansion of the original Disassembly Series. This new set of images explores retro to modern daily items that have, are, or will be in our everyday […]

Zombie Mario

Really cool sculpture of the classic Nintendo character Mario turned into a Zombie.. would be kind cool to see this as a power up in a future Mario game.. maybe he eats the other characters. Created by German designer Tobias Wüstefeld

Eric Joyner whimsical paintings

Came across some of Eric’s paintings and fell in love with the nostalgic and goofy subject matter. Who wouldn’t love a robot holding a donut fighting a snake? Check out more of Eric’s paintings

force per unit area – Sketch blog of Adam R Garcia

I love seeing the process of a designer, I ran across Adam’s Sketch blog on tumblr the other day. It’s great to see how he visually whips up a few ideas, snaps a picture and uploads it to tumblr. no bells and whistles just capture the idea and move on. You can also check out […]

WWII bomber jacket art

I’ve had a strong appreciation for WWII and the men and women that served. Mainly because my Grandfather was one of those brave men fighting over head. I’ll always remember the stories of his missions in a B-24 bomber flying over enemy territory getting shot at by anti-aircraft guns, while stuck in the same position for 14hrs […]