I ain’t Dead

It’s been a while since I have posted anything I randomly lost all interest in taking the time to post. BUT! I have been saving ideas and look forward to a redesign and ton’s of resources.


I’ve been designing for 8 years. I turn 30 in a little more than 6 months.. I feel the need to do something new and exciting with my life. I’m not “burnt out”, but I do feel like I’ve started looking at the internet differently. There is good, there is bad then there is stuff […]

Need your help

For the past 28 days my wife, her incredible team and I have been trying to raise funds on indiegogo for a tour with So Worth Loving. We are in the final stretch and need anyone and everyones help to meet the goal! If you could take 5 minutes and donate at least $25 we […]


Ever since 8BIT started we decided it was not a company without the 4 of us (me, John, Chris, Tom ). We also knew it was not the only thing the 4 of us had going on. Each of us were fueled by creating. As a company we encouraged the creation of products, ideas and inspiration outside of 8BIT. […]

we bought a van

planning on being a bit more personal here.. be bought a van. a lot of fun things to come from it

Less Made update

I have been freelancing for over 8 years and never had a “proper” company website. in fact my first DBA “The Pure Design” still has a “coming soon” site up. It’s kinda like the mechanic’s car is never running. I designed the update to Lessmade.com a few months ago and sat on it.. I actually […]

No Cure Magazine

Was honored to be asked to be in the first issue of Australian based magazine No Cure. I got to highlight a few well designed products I enjoy and tell a little bit about myself. Support an awesome design related print mag by ordering the first issue here. I can’t wait to get my copy in the […]