weekend motorcycle trip

Had an amazing weekend taking some much needed time off  out of the city with some great guys and awesome bikes. We left early Saturday morning all packed and ready for adventure, 8 dudes 5 bikes and 1 chase car. My bike is still in the shop so my buddy Kyle Hale let me borrow his […]

Steve Jobs and his motorcycle

Steve Jobs revolutionized the computer and tech industry. When I was reading his biography last year I gained more even more respect for him when reading about him rolling in his 1966 BMW r60/2 to show his colleagues and inspire them to build a computer with the aesthetic and ingenuity of a BMW motorcycle, keeping […]

minimal motorcycle blinker

Really cool custom blinkers or as Speedtractor calls them “Winkers”. these tiny LED lights attach directly to the forks giving some of the cleanest turn signals you could add on a bike.

instrument: tech and vintage motorcycles meet

Portland based digital agency Instrument stepped away from the screen to turn a old 1973 Honda CB750 into a modern digitally based DCB750. The bike looks like something John Ive’s industrial designer would create for a new Mac Pro. I love the detail of the power button and USB port on the gas tank, not […]

Vintage Motorcycle Hill climbing

Came across these old school photos of riders climbing the hills and taking some crazy spills. Love seeing vintage photos of men and their machines being used for fun.