Whitebelt years: Spotify mix

I made this mix a while ago for designers.mx ( R.I.P. ) to celebrate the years of growing up and finding music for myself in the early 2000’s. Decided I would start posting different playlists I enjoy listening to while working from time to time. check it out

Mr. Frosty Man vs the zombies

A wonderful festive clay-mation blood bath by Lee Hardcastle based on the Sufjan Stevens “Mr. Frosty Man” from the Christmas album “Silver & Gold“. Nothing says frosty and santa like a good old fashion zombie attack!

new mix on DesignersMX

Been a long time fan of DesignersMX. I recently was upgraded to be able to submit mixes and just created my first mix today. The WHITEBELT YEARS is a nostalgic throwback to the tunes I listened to in high school (and still put in rotation). I don’t want to sound like an old fart… but […]

P3: the designers dream amp

Came across P3 amps while browsing for a new guitar amp. Love the simplicity and design behind each of their products! If only I had the cash to drop on one.