Free minimal web layout psd: Milky YUM

Free PSD layout for you! I have been cleaning out my laptop and found plenty of layouts I either didn’t use or show the client. I’m going to try to clean them up a bit and release one each week… for as long as I can.

min. A free WordPress minimal theme

Min is a free WordPress theme I created. No bells and whistles, just simple clean and to the point. It has two widgetized footer areas to handle navigation or anything else you feel like sticking in there. Make sure you set your media upload to 560px wide to fit snug in the post area. Updated […]

Min, a free simple typographic NetNewsWire theme

I’m a pretty big fan of the free RSS app NetNewsWire. I decided to dive into their template structure and see how easy it was to make one and came out with min. If you use NetNewsWire or your looking for a good RSS reader make sure to check it out.. and make sure to […]