Free WordPress Child Theme: Standard Simple

Had some time over the weekend and a quick burst of inspiration..  So I created a WordPress Child theme for the Standard Theme’s Monthly Free theme!   Just like the name explains its… simple, But I took a little extra time on the navigation, and pagination, throwing a little awesomesauce into the mix. So if you […]

Beat + Dance = two wallpapers

Beat = 1920 x 1200 Desktop wallpaper.. Download Dance = 1920 x 1200 Desktop wallpaper.. Download Made these a while ago as a poster.. thought it could make a cool desktop wallpaper yo.

Free Desktop Background

took this shot a few weeks ago on our back porch at 4am .. I think I had the lens open for 30 sec.  thought it would make a nice dark background. so feel free to give it a try.. or not. DOWNLOAD 1920 x 1200