Burnt out

Came across some new style graffiti using a burning technique, pretty sick. I’ve always been inspired by street art… word.

Sufjan gone hip hop? Illinoize

I’ve been a long fan of Sufjan and I’ve been known to get my groove on to some hip hop… when I came across this it was pure bliss. you can download it free, or stream it. I also just came across Zombie’s Walk! (Sufjan vs kenya) not as good production but still good

the 620

Came across this a while ago.. thought I would share the love… I would build a office around these chairs, no joke.

Guilty Pleasure

Some sunday surfing gave my eye’s some guilty pleasure… I’m loving CB2’s stuff, not badly priced either.

I’m Surrounded by awesome

I feel blessed… I feel that God has allowed the right type of people in my life at the right times. I was thinking the other day how much I love what I do. 4 years ago I was planning on being a hair stylist.. woke up one day and felt that I should use […]

5 sites you should bookmark and go to everyday

usually the first thing I do when I sit down at the computer in the morning (or in the afternoon like any other freelancer) I check out my favorite sites for inspiration, a new resource or a little giggle or two. Webappers.com (they post a new web resource ever day.. I’ve found many great scripts […]