Branding the 44 Presidents

Detroit, Michigan designer Meg Jannott took on a personal project of branding the 44 Presidents of the great U.S.A. Working her way from George Washington.  Make sure to check out even more on her tumblr.

Designer Spotlight – End Of Work

A great example of  branding going throughout a whole companies being. Sydney based firm End Of Work  did an amazing job with branding and creating an appealing interior for Bib & Tucker. Here is what they had to say: Bib & Tucker is a restaurant and bar on Leighton Beach in Fremantle, Western Australian and […]

Designer Spotlight: Bruno Miranda

Bruno is a crazy talented urban artist/illustrator. Bringing together so wacky colors and concepts ( heads being split in half with their skull coming through). I really like his styling and ability to be consistent throughout a piece. Check out more of his work.

Designer spotlight Nathan Yoder

Twenty Three year old Oklahoma native Nathan Yoder has a clear passion for hand crafted typography and illustrations. Taking on a fimilar feel to designers like Dan Cassaro/young jerks Nathan puts his own flare into each experience. I’m currently using one of his free desktops as my background and love it

Weld coworking space and studio in Texas

Weld is a new coworking, studio and event spot in the Dallas TX area offering a beautiful hub to get your creative juices flowing. I’m in love with the main workspace lighting (pictured above). Props to the crew over there for all they are doing for the Dallas creatives. wishing they had something like this […]