The future of designing your own chair

  Sketch Chair is a kickstarter funded project  by Diatom studio creating amazing software to build your own chair using just the outline or sketch of the chair. Using physics engines you can test out your design in the open source software before you send it off to a 3rd party company to get cut out, […]

Designer Spotlight: Chris Rushing – letters and numbers project

Chris Rushing is a freakishly talented designer that recently moved from the dirty south to NYC. He started doing a custom lettering project a few months back that I have been following. each letter telling it’s own unique story as he uses different techniques and styles to stretch his already vast arsenal of pixel pushing […]

Designer spotlight: Dan Cassaro aka Young Jerks

Dan Cassaro is a Brooklyn design, illustrator and animator. Working with some of the top magazine companies like Fast Times and the NewYorker. I’m jealous at his ability to take words and make them look like art…  Young Jerk.

Susan Kare probably designed half the stuff you never noticed

  A lot of people probably don’t think about the person that sat there and designed every aspect of the program you are looking at. Who created those icons on your dock? who decided to make the Photoshop Pan tool look like an actual hand? A lot of that is to the credit of Susan […]