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1 2012 giveaway 560x412 free stuff   2012 Calendar Giveaway!

2 2012 giveaway 560x412 free stuff   2012 Calendar Giveaway!

3 2012 giveaway 560x412 free stuff   2012 Calendar Giveaway!

4 2012 giveaway 560x412 free stuff   2012 Calendar Giveaway!

I love technology… but when it comes to keeping my life and deadlines in order I always go analog. There is something about being able to hand write quick TO-DOs and scribble random ideas down.

I have an extra Rhodia 2012 Large weekly planner I would love to give away to someone that is wanting to keep their life analog in 2012. All you got to do is leave a comment and let me know what your biggest accomplishment in 2011 was.

I’ll pick a “winner” before Christmas and ship it your way so you can start the new year off right!

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  1. My biggest accomplishment in 2011 has been keeping my website updated. I feel like this year i’ve finally gotten the hang of consistant blogging. I have made more changes to my site this year than in my whole lifetime.

    I hope I win!

  2. Kyle Willis says:

    I found this site, and started ThickRim. :)

  3. Derek Jensen says:

    2011 was an interesting and tough year faced with many obstacles I had to go through. Just the thought of coming out positive and everything has been working in my favor with job opportunities and hopefully getting my business off the ground will have to be my biggest accomplishments.

    P.S. I like the adjustments to your site!

  4. Vy says:

    My biggest accomplishments were graduating from college and getting/transitioning into grad school (in Washington, DC).

  5. Jason Clement says:

    2011 is coming to a close and I’ve finally stepped away from my current job of 10+ years. Starting a new design company… kicking off in January!

  6. Biggest accomplishment of 2011 has to be that my wife and boys love me more now than they did at the start of the year, and I love them more than I did at the close of 2010. Everything else put together is a distant second.

  7. Ben Terry says:

    Some accomplishments of 2011 is surviving not one but two close encounters of the world ending. Thankfully, Harold Camp was wrong.

    Survived another year of zombies not eating my brainz.

    And lastly, the biggest accomplishment is my new full-time job as the Communications/Media Director for Sojourn Network, which is a new church planting network here in Louisville.

    Cheers to whomever wins!

  8. Jimbob Brown says:

    My biggest accomplishment was definitely getting through this year. I have learned being a full time student with a full time job is nothing easy! Here’s to next year!

  9. Hey Jared!
    I have a couple big accomplishes, but I promise I’m not trying to cheat! This summer, I spent (literally) all my money on my first nice DSLR camera. A week later, I got offered a summer internship as a publicist for a nonprofit in Duluth. A month later, they offered to continue the internship for the next two years, so I accepted and transferred schools, trusting that God would provide! He got me an awesome place to live with wonderful girls and even got Chris a job 30 minutes away from me! Since then, I’ve also gotten another part-time publicist job and a few fun photography jobs!
    God is faithful and he will provide!

  10. Hey Jared. I had a few HUGE accomplishments in 2011. It’s been a great year!

    1 — May; I graduated with a B.A. in Print Media, emphasis in Visual Communication
    2 — May; I got a job as Lead Graphic Designer at an advertising agency in Greenville, SC
    3 — September; I signed a lease for my first apartment and moved in.

    It’s been one amazing ride. Couldn’t just nail it down to one thing. I have learned a lot, and can’t wait to see what 2012 has in store.

    And I love reading your blog. Just found out about it through a link a friend gave me. Very inspiring stuff, my friend! I hope you keep it up, and have a Merry Christmas and wonderful 2012!

  11. In 2011, I birthed a baby and became a parent. I have survived exploding diapers and temper tantrums. A year or two before, I would have never thought this would be me and my life.

  12. Emma Hood says:

    Well, getting through my first year of high school. Announced Sophore artist of the year (at my high school).
    And challenging myself to take AP art and Accelerated Photography currently. And still going strong!

  13. My biggest accomplishment was making the decision to move to Berlin, Germany to do ministry. Biggest decision of my life.

  14. My greatest technical accomplishment this year was creating a multi-platform mobile application from scratch in a week. It was a document viewer that you could navigate different pages and add comments. It’s not in any app store, but I did get it to run on an Android tablet and iPad. Michael can testify for me, he saw it :)

  15. Jeremy smith says:

    Cash flowed having my first baby while living off one income.

  16. Colt Melrose says:

    I earned the Son-in-law of the year award from my in-laws for moving my wife back to Texas to be close to her family as I took a position as Media Pastor of a church in Katy.

    Hope I win. That calendar looks pretty swick!


  17. Tom says:

    – Quit my day job
    – Started working for myself
    – Co-founded a startup with great friends
    – Helped the wife start her photog business
    – Made a baby
    – …lived to tell about

  18. Dave Hearn says:

    I started my own really kewl blog.

    And I managed not to screw up my kids in their formidable years.

    That alone is worth it.

  19. anritsi says:

    Hm… biggest accomplishment of 2011.

    Studying abroad! And traveling by myself in a foreign country for the first time! Nerve-wracking, but really fun.

  20. – started a new amazing job doing doing what was previously just a hobby
    – bought a house
    – didn’t make a baby!

  21. Austin says:

    Broke ground in Sept on the biggest house of
    My career, 30K square feet under roof. Would be cool
    to document the 18 month journey.

  22. Rande says:

    Finally finished my new book about collage and completed another year of graduate school.

  23. wvpv says:

    – started new job after 15 years at the same company
    – started a company with a friend
    – survived some tough church crap
    – built a lot of cool stuff that no one will see

  24. Aarron Pina says:

    Celebrated 10 years in Christ. Celebrated the 1 year birthday of our twins, the 3 year birthday of our toddler, and the 14 year birthday of our oldest daughter.
    Topped the 5,000 diaper mark between the three youngest and ushered Presleigh out of diapers into full time potty trained big-girl stage.
    Old childhood trauma re-surfaced in my wife, developing into full fledged Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Did all I had to do to pastor her heart through the dark night of the soul as she began accelerated and aggressive treatment for it. With both of us getting under 40 hours of sleep per week for most of the year (her dropping below 20 during the hardest weeks of PTSD), we both hit the wall of burnout around mid-August and have been recovering from it very creatively over the past two months.
    Took on new responsibilities as a volunteer coordinator for another church, training their DivorceCare leaders to care for men, women, teens, and children going through divorce.
    Performed a 90 minute one-man show as a dinner theater production for over 150 people on my “spiritual birthday”.
    Celebrated 9 years clean from addiction to pornography.
    Experienced the grace of a God who sent Christ to bear the punishment for my sins, my errors, my junk, and saw Him to incredible amounts of heavy lifting as He carried my wife, our children, and our ministry through it all.
    Golly, I think I might need a good calendar book to help me through 2012!

  25. I grew a pretty epic beard

  26. I totally agree! Forget all the app, smartphones, and pads! When it comes to keep track of important dates, and staying organized analog is the way to go!!!! great post!

  27. Josh Maddin says:

    finished my 15th year in youth ministry.

    I love all things techie, but nothing beats paper and a pen.

  28. BHASKAR SINHA says:

    Wow! I’d like that Planner. My biggest accomplishment was overcoming a surge of negative feelings about how I whiled away a lot of precious time in my younger days.

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