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My Grandfather was my hero. When most boys had G.I. Joe to look up to I had a true living example. Harvey Gunnar Erickson was born in Sweden and moved over to the states with his family when he was a boy. He fought for our country in WWII as a B-24 gunner accomplishing over 40 missions. If that was not manly enough he spent the rest of his life working with his hands creating some of the most beautiful works of art and furniture out of wood. He was a true craftsman and did not know how to do anything except for at it’s highest quality.

It is sad to see him go… But at almost 92 years old he lived an amazing life and it is so┬árelieving┬áto see him go peacefully and surrounded by family and loved ones.

Love you grandpa.

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  1. Adam Shields says:

    Sorry to hear. My grandfather passed away at the same age (although he was a couple years older.)

  2. Tom McFarlin says:

    Rest in peace. He’s earned it.

  3. Sad to hear about your loss but happy to hear he seemed to have had a great life!

    I live on an island in the north part of Sweden and beeing swedish allways kept me curious about your commonly swedish surname, now it makes sense. Do you know where in Sweden is he from?

    I love your blog by the way, esp. the friday inspiration and office inspiration themed posts. I’ve been reading it for years.

    • Jared says:

      Thanks so much Victor! really means a lot. Thanks for leaving a comment after hanging around!

      He was born and lived some his youth in Lysvik area and believe Erickson was spelled a little different before he moved here.

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