Need your help

 Need your help

For the past 28 days my wife, her incredible team and I have been trying to raise funds on indiegogo for a tour with So Worth Loving. We are in the final stretch and need anyone and everyones help to meet the goal! If you could take 5 minutes and donate at least $25 we would more then appreciate it simple smile Need your help

About the tour

We plan on fixing our busted down VW Van, loading it up with swag, goodies and a photographer to travel to 11+ stops and throw some awesome parties and pop up shops. We are working on bringing live music and building communities in these cities that all believe in the message that they have self worth. We all deal with not feeling worth.. wether at your job, your family or memories of the past. So Worth loving is a reminder that you are worth more, with that mindset there is no stoping you!

Check out the campaign

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