Friday Inspiration 152

1 acre branding inspiration yellow Friday Inspiration 152

2 hand crafted made shoes wootten shoe mold and leather 600x347 Friday Inspiration 152

3 conbran small instagram like digital camera 600x336 Friday Inspiration 152

4 space invader pixel graffiti art on stop lights Friday Inspiration 152

5 custom die cut letter A notebook viza and figate Friday Inspiration 152

6 castle skull sword cross illustration black chronicle of five centuries Friday Inspiration 152

7 event posters inspiration 12 dancing princesses 600x376 Friday Inspiration 152

8 illustrator vector tools tshirt design 600x672 Friday Inspiration 152

9 garvo design resturant branding menu inspiration Friday Inspiration 152

10 skateboard heaven top view of pool Friday Inspiration 152

11 fever yellow corporate branding stationary inspiration 600x414 Friday Inspiration 152

 Friday Inspiration 152

13 GoldenGirlsTrevorWayne super hero illustration poster 600x479 Friday Inspiration 152

14 the future starts now booklet design 600x400 Friday Inspiration 152

15 Gavin potenza illustration desk top view office  600x713 Friday Inspiration 152


Designer spotlight Nathan Yoder

nathan yoder headshot 600x268 Designer spotlight Nathan Yoder

nathan yoder custom longboard skateboard deck hand drawn illustration 600x365 Designer spotlight Nathan Yoder

nathan yoder custom typography design poster inspiration prints Designer spotlight Nathan Yoder

nathan yoder custom hand drawn typography inspiration Designer spotlight Nathan Yoder

nathan yoder custom shirts tshirt sevenly design Designer spotlight Nathan Yoder nathan yoder hand painted design 600x450 Designer spotlight Nathan YoderTwenty Three year old Oklahoma native Nathan Yoder has a clear passion for hand crafted typography and illustrations. Taking on a fimilar feel to designers like Dan Cassaro/young jerks Nathan puts his own flare into each experience. I’m currently using one of his free desktops as my background and love it simple smile Designer spotlight Nathan Yoder

Friday Inspiration 151

1 skull poster design fhobik triangle Friday Inspiration 151

2 on the road street pamphete Friday Inspiration 151

3 typography poster design Friday Inspiration 151

4 paulo celestino magazine layout inspiration Friday Inspiration 151

5 skins student branding projcent beauty design Friday Inspiration 151

6 life begins at 100mph do the ton Friday Inspiration 151

7 open magazine print Friday Inspiration 151

8 vintage style hockey mask retro scanlines 600x667 Friday Inspiration 151

9 melbourne minimalism festival brochure Friday Inspiration 151

10 cocotte vintage resturant sign Friday Inspiration 151

11 common man south wharf resturant sign design Friday Inspiration 151

12 vintage honda cb550 cb350 cb750 cafe racer design 600x400 Friday Inspiration 151

13 kauju is coming poster godzilla vintage style poster Friday Inspiration 151

14 edward norton fight club painting Friday Inspiration 151

Zombie Mario

zombie mario clay wireframe Zombie Mario

zombie mario clay sculpture Zombie Mario

zombie mario warms coming out of face Zombie Mario

zombie mario sculpture warms z game Zombie Mario

zombie mario picture being taken sculpture Zombie Mario

zombie mario sculpture Zombie Mario

Really cool sculpture of the classic Nintendo character Mario turned into a Zombie.. would be kind cool to see this as a power up in a future Mario game.. maybe he eats the other characters. Created by German designer Tobias Wüstefeld

Proud Brother – post bombing UPDATE

juli erickson windsor boston marathon little person 600x337 Proud Brother   post bombing UPDATE

My younger sister, Juli Windsor is finally getting a chance to fulfill one of her bucket list items of running the 2013 Boston Marathon. She has been dreaming about this since she was a freshmen in Highschool. I’ve never seen someone work so hard and run so much, it continues to amaze me. She will also be the first little person in the Boston Marathon’s 116 year history to run the race. Her drive for both running and completing school as a Physicians Assistent is more than inspiring for anyone…

You can check out a video Boston Globe did on her.

UPDATE After the Boston Bombing.

What a joyous occasion turned into a scary and horrible attack at the Boston Marathon today. Juli was unable to finish the race do to the attack.. she was only 1/2 mile from the finish line. I have not spoken to her personally yet but heard through my dad. My mom was in the crowd on the other side of the street, she was hurt in the crowds panic and taken to the hospital to care for her shoulder.

boston marathon bombing before 600x450 Proud Brother   post bombing UPDATE

Photo from my mom from her location

boston marathon bombing explosion 2013 600x337 Proud Brother   post bombing UPDATE

bomb going off, notice the same building from above photo

Please keep the families effected by this in your prayers.

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