Standard Theme on Sale

cyber monday Standard Theme on Sale

I’m a big fan of Standard … probably because I helped build it… So this is a bit of a biased post. We are running a Cyber Monday sale for 30% off any licence we offer! honestly the support forums are amazing and we have huge plans for future releases. Plus, since Standard is our only Theme we focus on it get’s non stop love and effection… bottom line, it’s not going to get ignored like all those “theme shops” with 100+ themes that never get updated..

P.S. Cleaning up my site code to release as a free Child Theme for Standard along with the many other free Child themes we offer on Github

Not shy.. just thinking

susan cain ted ex talk screenshot bio not shy 1024x664 Not shy.. just thinking

I’m an introvert. I enjoy sitting in silence and don’t mind being a lone. My wife who is the opposite goes crazy after a day of not interacting with other humans. After hearing this TED talk by Susan Cain it really opened my eyes to what it means to be an introvert. I’m not shy, I’m not afraid.. I’m truly working at my best thinking by myself.