Slicy (formally Layer Cake) by MacRabbit Review

MacRabbit Layer Cake 600x224 Slicy (formally Layer Cake)  by MacRabbit Review

I have been a fan of MacRabbits products for some time now (especially Espresso) I was excited when they announced Layer cake (now called Slicy).

MacRabbit’s developers describe Layer Cake as

Layer Cake reinvents Photoshop slicing. To export PSD elements as assets for your website or app,rename your layer groups once and let Layer Cake do the rest. Designers and developers, rejoice!

I was a bit skeptical at first especially after watching their demo… Thinking there was no way that could be done… and so easily?!  Without a doubt Layer Cake has already paid for itself in time saved. Now when creating mockups I go ahead and name my layers for use with Layer Cake. After the design is approved drop it in and zingo bammo I’ve got all my resources!

 The UI

macrabbit layer cake screenshot 600x450 Slicy (formally Layer Cake)  by MacRabbit Review

You really can’t get much simpler than Layer Cakes UI. The little micky mouse styled hand basically tells you all you need to do (drop your psd here).

macrabbit layer cake extracting psd1 600x244 Slicy (formally Layer Cake)  by MacRabbit Review

After you drop your PSD in Layer Cake it extracts the layers that you have named correctly, allowing you to either drag and save them to the location you desire. You can also watch your PSD for any changes and it will automagically re extract them into the chosen folder.

Quality of exports

layer cake png output test 600x400 Slicy (formally Layer Cake)  by MacRabbit Review

(I compressed these so the original file actually looks much cleaner)

Saving a transparent .png icon/logo/graphic has always been a pain in the butt.. especially if you have a slight dropshadow or a stroke that Photoshop does not like to attest to. Layer Cake painlessly and accurately takes care of all of this. You can even name a folder logo.png and whatever contents in it will be saved as a single image.. I’ve thrown every layer style at it to try to trip it up and it has not failed!

Layer Cake recently had a update with support for retina graphics and auto export of @2x from your @1x or you can even export from @2x and it will save down to @1x versions as well. This is great if you are someone who designs full scale and likes to save down.


If you have ever had to take a mockup and pull resources from it and felt the pain of the weak Photoshop slice tool Slicy is a NO BRAINER. If the $29 price tage scares you… just think of the time it will shave off your development cycle (especially when you need to make changes to a image and resave it).

What do you think?

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  1. Craig Allen says:

    I don’t buy a lot of software but this looks foolproof and the price is perfect. Plus, the more work I’m now doing using OTHER people’s horribly organized Photoshop files (pet peeve) would make this a continual lifesaver.

    Thanks for the recommendation!

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