What I’m listening to: Dead man’s Bones

dead mans bones ryan gosling 560x560 What Im listening to: Dead mans Bones

Dead+Mans+Bones+deadmans ryan gosling 560x448 What Im listening to: Dead mans Bones

I just started listening to Dead Man’s Bones (even though it was released in 2009). This project by Ryan Gosling (yeah the movie guy that all the ladies like) and his buddy Zach Sheilds is more then awesome. I love the unpolished honesty behind it. Both Ryan and Zach decided to play all the instruments on the album… They even set up rules for themselves like: not using a click track while recording, or taking more than three takes per track, letting any imperfections highlight the strengths of the music. To add to the semi creepyness of the album they enlisted Silverlake Conservatory Children’s Choir to sing along to the songs.

Listening to the whole album throws you back into a time of classic horror movies, and cinematic black and whites tales. Make sure to check it out on iTunes.

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